Edwin Birch
Crimes against the Police 1855 - 1858

Joseph Bettey
The Dissolution of Religious Houses in Bristol

Derek Braddon and Paul Dowdall
The Historical Importance of Bristol's Defence and Aerospace Sector

Heloise Brown
Routes into Women's History

Andrea Button
The Trade in White Labour from the Port of Bristol in the Mid 17th Century

Madge Dresser
The Atlantic Slave Trade in Bristol, England: Some Reflections on Sources and Approaches

Peter Fleming
Women and Property in Early Tudor Bristol

Martin Gorsky
The Treatment of Sick Persons of All Classes:
The Transformation of Bristol Hospital Services 1918 -1939

Charles Hall
Berkeley 1851-1881 A comparative Study

Charles Harvey and Jon Press
Industrial Change and the Economic Life of Bristol since 1800

John Hazlehurst
Inequalities in Health in Bristol Between the Wars 1918 -1939

David Hussey
Metropolis of the West - Bristol and its Domestic Hinterland 1680 -1730

Thomas Jackson
Income Tax Assessments 1799-1802

John Lyes
The Solicitors and Attorneys of Bristol 1730-1899

Steve Mills
Juvenile Crime in Bristol

Thomas Otte
'Black Michael': Sir Michael Hicks Beach (1837-1916),
Bristol M.P. and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

John Penny
Bristol and the Blitz
Bristol Newspapers 1701 to 1962

Rob Petre and Richard Burley
Bristol Record Office

Rob Petre
An introduction to the handwriting of historic English documents

Steve Poole
Visualising the City

Keith Ramsey
Crime in Modern Bristol
The History of the Bristol and Somerset Coal Industry
The Creation of a Database Using the 1851 Census Enumerators' Books for Nailsea, Somerset

Amanda Reynolds
Co-operation in Bristol

Mike Richardson
Trade Unionism and Industrial Conflict in Bristol: A Historical Study

Leonard Schwarz
The Assessed Taxes on Employers of Manservants 1780

Eunice Shannahan
On The Road 19th Century 'Commercial Travelers' In Bristol and Bath, 1828 - 1830

Stephie Spindler
Bristol Junior Chamber of Commerce

Mark Steel
An Architectural History of Bristol 1000 - 2000 AD

Kenneth Thomas
Brewing in Bristol

Peter Wardley

HIST - The Historians Interactive Statistical Toolkit
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The Hotly Contested Bristol Election of 1774
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Quantitative analysis, numerical data and local history

Bristol Historical Database Project team:
Ian Archer, Spencer Jordan, Keith Ramsey, Peter Wardley and Matthew Woollard
Unemployment Statistics, 1910 -1997
Health Statistics, 1838-1995
Poor Law Statistics, 1835-1948
Representation in Bristol's Elections, 1700-2000