Peter Wardley (UWE) - Producer and Editor

David Griffiths - Production Director
Keith Ramsey - Research Editor
CLICKABILITY - CD ROM design, production and authoring

With thanks to:

Bristol Record Office
Bristol Industrial Mueum
City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Bristol Central Library
Public Records Office
The Proprietors of the Bristol Evening Post
The University of the West of England, Bristol

Many individuals at a number of institutions provided us with invaluable assistance; in particular we would like to thank colleagues and friends at the Bristol Council Archive, Bristol Record Office, Bristol Central Library, Bristol Industrial Museum, the Bristol Evening Post, the History of Bath Research Group, Oxford University Press, the Society of Merchant Venturers, the University of Bristol, the University of the West of England, Bristol and the numerous local history societies. In particular, thanks to: Joseph Betty, Richard Bond, Edson Burton, Geoffrey Channon, Howard Cox, Bill Evans, Trevor Fawcett, Edwin George, Cyril Gibson, Jonathan Harlow, Kath Holden, Diana Jeater, Kieran Kelly, Paulette McKean, Michael Manson, Alfred Morris, Sheena Stoddard, Carl Tranter, Christopher Roper, William Wardley and John Winston. My thanks to all the contributors who appear here.

Finally, and personally, I must indicate my gratitude to two institutions and three individuals. First, to the research committee of the University of the West of England, for supporting what must have seemed at the very least a novel proposal and to the Nuffield Foundation for a Research Fellowship which, unbeknowing, greatly increased my contribution to the Project. Fortunately I am able to report here that the research project which has run in parallel to the BHDP, on the emergence and consolidation of big business, which did receive explicit support from the Nuffield Foundation, is now generating the publications which would have appeared earlier had it been my only focus of attention. My greatest debts, however, are to my fellow Project team members: Ian Archer and Matthew Woollard and, especially, to Spencer Jordan, whose enthusiastic efforts on behalf of the BHDP lasted from its inception to its conclusion and beyond. Finally I am deeply indebted to Keith Ramsey and David Griffiths, without whom the CD could not have been produced.

Peter Wardley