2. A Handlist of Bristol Newspapers 1701 to 1962

Bristol Post Boy: Published weekly by William Bonney, bi-weekly in 1709, survived from September 1702 until at least December 1715. (Bristol Central Library) 21/8/1704 (No.91) only: 20/3/1708 only: 10/9/1709 only: 26/8/1710 only. (All Souls, Oxford) 1713:- 7/3/1712-3 (No.619) to 24/12/1715 (No.811) incomplete.

Sam.Farley's Bristol Post Man: Published weekly by Samuel Farley from August 1715 until about 1725. (All Souls, Oxford) 10/9/1715 (No.6) and 19/11/1715 (No.19) only (Bristol Central Library) 24/12/1715 (No.24) and 28/1/1715-6 (No.29) only. Continued as Farley's Bristol Newspaper: Published weekly by Samuel Farley in Wine Street. (Bristol Central Library) 18/10/1725 (No.20) to 27/1/1732-3 (No.130) incomplete. Continued as Sam. Farley's Bristol Newspaper: Published weekly by Samuel Farley. From 1738 published by Samuel and Felix Farley, the sons of Samuel snr. (Bristol Central Library) 30/3/1734 (No.191) to 26/8/1738 (No.421) incomplete. Continued as Farley's Bristol Journal: No Printer's name, but probably Samuel and Felix Farley. (Bristol Central Library) 29/8/1741 (No.552) only. Probably continued as F.Farley's Bristol Journal and Farley's Bristol Advertiser in 1742.

F.Farley's Bristol Journal: Towards the end of 1742 Felix Farley began to issue two newspapers which appeared on alternative Saturdays. One of these was F.Farley's Bristol Journal and the other was Farley's Bristol Advertiser. The alternation of these two continued until August 1746 when the Advertiser ceased regular publication and the Journal continued to appear weekly. (Bristol Central Library) 24/3/1743 (No.17) to 26/12/1747 (No.1595) incomplete. Continued as F.Farley's Bristol Advertiser.

F.Farley's Bristol Advertiser: Published fortnightly and alternatively with F.Farley's Bristol Journal by Felix Farley and Comp. (Bristol Central Library) 31/3/1743 (No.18) to 23/8/1746 (No.111) incomplete. Replaced by S.Farley's Bristol Journal. F.Farley's Bristol Advertiser: Published by Felix Farley. Judging from the sequence of numbering F.Farley's Bristol Advertiser and S.Farley's Bristol Journal it seems that these two alternated for a short period. (Bristol Central Library) 9/1/1747-8 (No.1597) and 23/1/1747-8 (No.1599) only.

S.Farley's Bristol Journal: Published by Samuel Farley. Alternated for a short period with F.Farley's Bristol Journal. (Bristol Central Library) 16/1/1747-8 (No.1598) only. Continued as Farley's Bristol Journal: This paper, which was issued on Saturdays, was printed jointly by the two Farley brothers, Samuel and Felix. (Bristol Central Library) 30/1/1747-8 (No.1600) to 27/2/1747-8 (No.1604) only. Continued as Bristol Journal: The early issues of the Bristol Journal were printed jointly by the two Farley brothers, but they soon quarreled, Samuel taking over sole proprietorship in 1751, while in 1752 Felix founded his own newspaper, Felix Farley's Bristol Journal. (Bristol Central Library) 26/3/1748 (No.1608) to 12/7/1777 (No.3194) incomplete (Newspaper Library, Colindale), 4/9/1756 (No.2156) only. Continued as Sarah Farley's Bristol Journal.

Sarah Farley's Bristol Journal: from no.3195, Saturday 19/7/1777. Continued as Mercantile Gazette & General Intelligencer no.4682, Saturday 5/4/1806. Continued as Western Star & Bristol Mercantile Gazette 1807. Discontinued c.1808/9. (Bristol Central Library) no. 3195, 19/7/1777 to no. 4729, 17/1/1807 (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1781 to 1796 odd issues.

Bristol Chronicle & Commercial Advertiser: one copy only for Saturday February 12th 1803. Only known copy lost from Bristol Central Library.

Bristol Weekly Mercury: Published weekly by Henry Greep. (Bristol Central Library) 1/12/1716 (No.61) only.

Oracle;or Bristol Weekly Miscellany: Published weekly by Andrew Hook who is believed to have issued his first newspaper on Saturday 3/4/1742. (Bristol Central Library) 3/4/1742 (No.1) to 31/12/1742 (No.40); (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 14/8/1742 (Vol.I No.20) and 25/9/1742 (Vol.I No.26) only. Continued as Bristol Oracle and County Intelligencer and Bristol Oracle and County Advertiser.

Bristol Oracle and County Intelligencer: Published fortnightly and alternatively with the Bristol Oracle and County Advertiser by Andrew Hook. (Bristol Central Library) 8/1/1742-3 (Vol I No.1) to 6/4/1745 (Vol III No.60) incomplete. Continued alternatively as the Bristol Oracle and the County Advertiser.

Bristol Oracle and County Advertiser: Published fortnightly and alternatively with the Bristol Oracle and County Intelligencer by Andrew Hook. (Bristol Central Library) 15/1/1742-3 (Vol I No.1) to 13/4/1745 (Vol III No.60) incomplete (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 14/8/1742 and 25/9/1742 only (Burney Collection, British Library) 4/4/1744 and 8/9/1744 only (Press Club, London) 13/11/1742 and 19/2/1742-3 only. Continued as the County Advertiser: Published fortnightly and alternatively with the Bristol Oracle by Andrew Hook. (Bristol Central Library) 27/4/1745 (Vol I No.1) to 11/5/1745 (Vol 1 No.2). Continued as the Oracle County Advertiser: Published fortnightly and alternatively with the Bristol Oracle by Andrew Hook. (Bristol Central Library) 25/5/1745 (Vol I No.3) to 9/9/1749 (Vol III No.64) incomplete (Press Club, London) 27/6/1747 only.

Bristol Oracle: Published fortnightly and alternatively with the County Advertiser and later the Oracle County Advertiser by Andrew Hook. Replaced by the Bristol Weekly Intelligencer. (Bristol Central Library) 20/4/1745 (Vol I No.1) to 16/9/1749 (Vol III No.65) incomplete.

The Bristol, Bath & Somersetshire Journal: Published by R.Wimpenny and E.Collins. Crane & Kaye list No.68 in 1743. (Bodleian, Oxford) 4/6/1743 (No.56) only.

Bristol Mercury: Published by Edward Ward. Possibly replaced by the Bristol Weekly Intelligencer in 1749. (Bristol Central Library) 20/10/1748 (No.24) only.

Bristol Weekly Intelligencer: Published weekly by Edward Ward. The first issue appeared on 23/9/1749, one week after the last issue of the Bristol Oracle. The history of the paper after 1752 is very obscure and it is believed to have ceased publication in or about 1759. (Bristol Central Library) 23/9/1749 (No.1) to 3/2/1759 (No.487) almost complete. (Bodleian, Oxford) 24/3/1750 to 29/12/1750 almost complete.

Felix Farley's Bristol Journal: no.1, Saturday March 28th 1752 to No.5650 26/3/1853. Incorporated with Bristol Times. (Bristol Central Library) 1752 to 1853 (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1752 to 1853 incomplete.

Bristol Chronicle, or Universal Mercantile Register: no.1, Saturday 5/1/1760 to 11/7//1761. (Bristol Central Library) 5/1/1760 (Vol.I No.1) to 11/7/1761 (Vol.II No.80) Continued as Bristol Chronical and Mercantile Register: Published weekly by William Pine. (Bristol Central Library) 7/11/1761 (Vol.II No.96) only. Possibly replaced by the Bristol Gazette and Public Advertiser.

Bristol Gazette & Public Advertiser: Published on Thursdays by William Pine from 1767. Last issue 23/5/1872. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1770 to 1872 incomplete (Bristol Central Library) 1771 to 1872 incomplete.

Bonner & Middletons Bristol Journal: started August 1774 to no.1532, 21/12/1803. Continued as Fenley & Sheppard's Bristol Journal from no.1533, Saturday 7/1/1804. Continued as The Mirror from no.1547, Saturday 12/1/1811. Continued as Bristol Mirror from no.1899, Saturday 19/1/1811 to no.4835, 31/12/1864. Incorporated with Bristol Times. (Bristol Central Library) 1774 to 1864 (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1774 to 1864 incomplete.

Bee and Sketchley's Weekly Advertiser: Published on Mondays by J.Sketchley. (Bristol Central Library) 27/10/1777 (Vol.I No.1) to 30/12/1777 (Vol.I No.10).

Constitutional Chronicle: Published weekly by Hill and Blagden. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 7/12/1780 (No.1) to 4/4/1782 (No.69) incomplete (Bristol Central Library) 20/12/1781 (Vol.II No.55) and 17/1/1782 (Vol.II No.59) only.

Bristol Mercury & Universal Advertiser: no.1, Monday 1/3/1790. Continued as The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, Western Counties and South Wales Advertiser from no.9266, 26/1/1878. Continued as Bristol Daily Mercury, Daily Post, Western Counties and South Wales Advertiser from no.16729, 21/12/1901 to no.19209, 30/11/1909. Discontinued. (Bristol Central Library) 1790 to 1798; 1804 to 1835; 1837 to 1871; 1878 to 1884; 6/1885 to 1892; 1894 to 1899; 1909) (Newspaper Library, Colindale) no.1501 to 19209, 4/1/1819 to 30/11/1909.

Commercial Register: no.1, Monday 2/9/1805 and no.2, 9/9/1805. Only known copy in Bristol Central Library.

Bristol Oracle & Mercantile Advertiser: no.8, Friday 6/12/1811. Only known copy in Bristol Central Library.

Bristol Observer & Gloucester, Monmouth, Somerset & Wilts Courier: no.1, Thursday 7/8/1817 to no.322, 1/10/1823. (Bristol Central Library) 1819 to 1823 (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1819 to 1823.

Bristolian: no.1, Monday 28/5/1827 to v.7 Wednesday 25/5/1831. (Bristol Central Library) 1829 to 1831 (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1827 to 1831.

Bristol Herald & West of England Gazette: no1, Saturday 27/6/1829 to no.5, 25/7/1829. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1829.

Bristol Liberal & West of England Commercial and General Advertiser: no.1, Saturday 23/7/1831 to no.33, Saturday 3/3/1832. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1831 to 1832 (Bristol Central Library) 1831 to 1832.

Bristol Times & General Advertiser: June 1832 to no.19, Saturday 18/8/1832. (Bristol Central Library) 1832.

Bristol Advocate & West of England and South Wales Advertiser: no.1, Saturday 17/9/1836 to no.22, Saturday 11/2/1837. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1836 to 1837 (Bristol Central Library) 1836 to 1837.

Bristol Standard: no.1, 23/1/1839 to no.158, 27/1/1842. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1839 to 1842. (Bristol Central Library) 1839 to 1842.

Bristol Times & Bath Advocate: no1, Saturday 2/3/1839 to no.735, 26/3/1853. Continued as Bristol Times & Felix Farley's Bristol Journal from no.736, 2/4/1853 to no.1349, 31/12/1864. Continued as Daily Bristol Times & Mirror from no.1, 5/1/1865. Saturday editions titled Saturday Bristol Times & Mirror, 7/1/1865 to 29/12/1883. Continued as Bristol Times & Mirror from no.5952, 1/1/1884 to no.20815, 29/1/1932. Incorportated with the Westen Daily Press. (Bristol Central Library) 1839 to 1932 some issues missing (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1839 to 1932 some issues missing.

The Great Western Advertiser: no.1, 4/1/1844 to no.47, 28/12/1844. Continued as The Great WesternAdvertiser & Chronicle from no.48, 4/1/1845 to no.166, 10/4/1847. Continued as The Bristol Weekly News & Great Western Advertiser: no.1, 14/4/1847 to no.14, 14/7/1847. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1844 to 1847.

The Bristol Monthly Advertiser: no.1, 10/1846 to no.4, 1/1/1847. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1846 to 1847.

Bristol Examiner, Bath Record, West of England and South Wales Advertiser: no.1, Saturday 5/1/1850 to no.95, 1/11/1851. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1850 to 1851.

Clifton Directory: no.1, 13/11/1850 to no.60, 31/12/1851. Continued as Clifton Chronicle and Directory: no.61, 7/1/1852 to no.3635, 20/1/1921. Continued as Clifton Chronicle: no.3636, 27/1/1921 to no.4035, 27/9/1928. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1850 to 1928 incomplete (Bristol Central Library) 1852 to 1916; 1920 to 1928.

The Clifton Looker on, Bristol & General Advertiser: no.1, 10/6/1852 and no.2, 17/6/1852. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1852 two issues only.

The Bristol Telegraph: no.1, 9/6/1855 to no.56, 28/6/1856. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1855 to 1856.

The Bristol Guardian: no.1, 16/6/1855 to no.11, 25/8/1855. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1855.

The Bristol Advertiser: no.1, 14/7/1855 to no.210, 6/8/1859: Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1855 to 1859 (Bristol Central Library) 1856 to 1859.

The Bristol Commercial & Shipping Gazette and Market Circular: vol.4, no.96, 7/1/1858 to 18/8/1859. Continued as Bristol Shipping Gazette & Market Circular 29/8/1859 to 21/6/1860. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1858 to 1860.

The Western Daily Press: no.1, 1/6/1858 to no.24725, 1/2/1932. Continued as The Western Daily Press & Bristol Mirror: no.24726, 2/2/1932 to no.33551, 5/9/1960. Continued as Western Daily Press and Times & Mirror: no.33552, 6/9/1960 to date. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1858 to date incomplete (Bristol Central Library) 1858 to 1863; 1865 to 1866; 1868 to 1871; 1873 to date.

The Bristol Observer: no.1, 12/2/1859 to no.91, 27/10/1860. Continued as The Penny Observer: no.92, 3/11/1860 to no.179, 5/7/1862. Continued as The Bristol Observer: no.180, 12/7/1862 to no.5365, 1/6/1962. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1859 to 1962 incomplete. (Bristol Central Library) 1859 to 1860; 1860 to 1861; 1866 to 1881; 1883 to 1889; 1911 to 1913; 1915 to 1962.

The Bristol Daily Post: no.1, 24/1/1860 to no.4683, 25/1/1878. Incorporated with the Bristol Mercury. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1860 to 1878 less 1871.

Our Halfpenny News and Advertiser for Bristol and its environs, the West of England and South Wales: no.1, 9/1/1864 to no.6, 13/2/1864. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1864.

The Bristol News: no.1, 13/5/1864 to no.2, 21/5/1864. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1864.

The Bristol Commercial Register, Shipping & Market Circular: no.1, 4/8/1864 to no.10, 6/10/1864. Continued as The Bristol Record, Commercial & Market Register: no.11, 13/10/1864 to no.66, 4/11/1865. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1864 to 1865.

The West of England Advertiser and South Wales Gazette: no.1, 22/10/1868 to no.38, 8/7/1869. A weekly record of property and merchandise on sale and businesses to let. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1868 to 1869.

Bowyer's Investment Review, Joint Stock Companies & Commercial Advertiser: no.37, 6/1/1869 to no.126, 21/9/1870. Continued as The Investment Review: no.127, 10/1870 to no.147, 6/1872. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1869 to 1872.

The Bristol Review & General Advertiser: no.1, 10/7/1869 to no.4, 31/7/1869. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1869.

The Bristol News & Western Counties Advertiser: No.29, 8/1/1870 and no.34, 12/2/1870. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1870.

The Western Telegraph: no.1282, 27/4/1874 to no.1303, 21/5/1874. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1874.

The West of England Examiner: no.1, 30/5/1874 to no.29, 12/12/1874. A journal of general intelligence devoted to the interests of labour. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1874.

Bristol Daily Advertiser & Evening Telegram: no.84, 31/8/1874 to no.91, 10/9/1874. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1874.

The Bristol & Kingswood Herald: no.1, 7/1874 to no.7, 1/1875. Continued as The Bristol District Herald: no.8, 2/1875 to no.19, 1/1876. A monthly journal for Primative Methodists. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1875 to 1876.

The Bristol & the West of England Advertiser: 18/7/1874 to 2/3/1876. A continuation of The West of England Advertiser & Plymouth Weekly Times. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1874 to 1876.

Bristol Advertiser Evening Telegram: no.40 1/7/1875 to no.351, 14/7/1876. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1875 to 1876.

The Bristol Evening News: no.1, 29/5/1877 to no.18553, 30/1/1932. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1877 to 1932 incomplete.

Bristol Weekly Mercury: 26/1/1878 to 12/6/1909. Incorporated with the Western Weekly Post. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1878 to 1909.

The Bristol Household News and Western Counties General Advertiser: no.1, 2/7/1880 to no.13, 24/9/1880. Continued as The Bristol Gazette and Household News: no.14, 1/10/1880 to 21/4/1882. Incorporated with the Somerset County Gazette.

The Magpie: no.1, 6/1882 to no.1514, 23/6/1883. Continued as Bristol Magpie 8/1/1884 to 30/11/1911. Incorporated with Bristol Express. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1882 to 1911 less 1892, 1894, 1895.

The Bristol Weekly Chronicle & West of England Weekly News: no.1, 10/11/1888 to 2/2/1889. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1888 to 1889.

The Clifton and Redland Free Press: no.1, 9/5/1890 to 25/10/1891. Continued as The Clifton and Redland Free Press & Clifton Chronicle: 1/11/1928 to 15/1/1931. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1890 to 1931 incomplete.

Clifton Society: no.9, 1/1/1891 to no. 1325, 30/3/1916. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1891 to 1916 less 1893 and 1898.

The Postscript: 5/6/1892 and no.1, 12/6/1892 to no.3, 26/6/1892. A Sunday edition of the Bristol Mercury. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1892.

Wedmore's Messenger, Social & news leaflet and advertisers' passport: no.1, 18/2/1893 to no.3, 4/3/1893. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1893.

Bristol Sporting News Daily Tissue: 1/1/1894 to 31/12/1895. Continued as The Bristol Athletic News: 1/9/1898 to 31/12/1904. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1894 to 1904.

The Clifton Spa Monthly: no.1, 11/1894 and no.2, 12/1894. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1894.

The Town Crier: no.1, 5/4/1897 to no.8, 5/6/1897 Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1897.

The Horfield & Bishopston Record & Montpelier & District Free Press: no.39, 1/1/1898 to no.1701, 16/1/1931. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1898 to 1931 incomplete.

The Bedminster Budget & South Bristol Advertiser: no.1, 20/4/1898 to no.42, 1/2/1899. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1898 to 1899.

Totterdown & Knowle Review and South Bristol Advertiser: no.1, 21/4/1898 to no.42, 2/2/1899. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1898 to 1899.

Bristol Evening Express: no.1, 4/12/1899 to no.122, 27/4/1900. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1899 to 1900.

Bristol Echo: no.1, 26/10/1901 to no.2507, 30/11/1909. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1901 to 1909.

The Bristol Guardian and Avonmouth Advertiser: no.236, 4/1/1902 to no.663, 9/4/1910. Continued as Bristol Guardian: no.664, 16/4/1910 to 8/9/1923. Continued as Bristol Guardian & Gazette, Somersetshire Times, Gloucestershire Weekly News: no.1, 15/9/1923 to no.611, 30/3/1935. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1902 to 1935.

Bristol Evening Times: no.1, 3/10/1904 to 30/11/1909. Continued as Evening Times & Echo: no.1606, 1/12/1909 to no.7679, 29/1/1932. Incorporated with the Evening World. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1904 to 1932 less 1911 (Bristol Central Library) 1/1927 to 3/1927.

The Bristol Catholic News: no.728, 1/8/1908 to 24/2/1912. Continued as Bristol Catholic Herald: 2/3/1912 to 14/7/1934. Incorporated with the Catholic Herald in London. (Newspaper Library, Colndale) 1908 to 1934 incomplete.

Western Weekly Post: no.1, 26/5/1909 to 16/5/1914. Not published between 26/5/1909 and 26/6/1909. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1909 to 1914.

The Brislington, Knowle, St.George, Bedminster, Southville, Stapleton & Westbury Park Free Press & Record: no.1, 11/6/1909 to 2/7/1909. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1909.

Bedminster, Knowle & Brislington Record & Local Time Table: no.1, 12/6/1909 to no.42, 25/3/1910. Continued as South Bristol Free Press and Bedminster, Knowle & Brislington Record: no.43, 4/4/1910 to no.1139, 10/1/1931. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1909 to 1931.

East Bristol Labour Election Herald: no.1, 24/12/1909 to no.3, 13/1/1910. Continued as The Bristol Labour Herald: no.4, 2/4/1910 to no.5, 5/1910. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1909 to 1910.

Sports Times: no.22, 30/4/1910 to no.382, 17/3/1917. Continued as The Green 'un, Sports Times: no.383, 24/3/1917 to no.2057, 27/7/1929. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1910 to 1929 incomplete.

The Bristol Express & Tradesman's Advertiser: no.1, 7/12/1911 to 8/1915. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1911 to 1915.

The West Bristol Liberal Monthly: no.1, 7/1911 to no.10, 4/1912. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1911 to 1912.

The Avonmouth Mail & Shipping Gazette: no.35, 3/1/1912 to no.445, 29/6/1923. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1912 to 1923.

The Bristolian and Clifton Social World: no.1, 2/1913 and 12/1913 Incorporated with Bristol and the War. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1913 - two issues only.

South Gloucestershire Gazette, Shirehampton Times, Bristol & Avonmouth Weekly News: no.1, 21/3/1913 to 30/3/1935. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1913 to 1935 incomplete.

Bristol and the War: vol.1 no.14, 9/1/1915 to vol.2 no.23, 6/1917. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1915 to 1917.

Bristol Forward: no.2, 1/1916 to 7/1916. Published by the Independent Labour Party. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1916.

Sports News: no.1, 5/4/1919 to no.660, 18/3/1922. Continued as Sports News, the pink 'un: no.661, 25/3/1922 to 30/1/1932. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1919 to 1932.

Bristol Gazette, Somersetshire Times & Gloucestershire Weekly News: no.1, 9/8/1919 to 8/9/1923. Incorporated with the Bristol Guardian. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1919 to 1923.

The Bristol Adventurer & Weekly News: no.1, 5/5/1922 to no.76, 19/10/1923. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1922 to 1923. Bristol First: no.1, 27/11/1923 to 4/4/1925. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1923 to 1925.

The Magpie: no.1, 8/12/1923. Continued as Bristol Magpie: no.2, 15/12/1923 to no.16, 5/4/1924. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1923 to 1924.

Evening World: no.1, 1/10/1929 to no.723, 29/1/1932. Continued as Evening World & Evening Times & Echo: no.724, 30/1/1932 to no.1245, 3/10/1933. Continued as Bristol Evening World & Evening Times & Echo: no.1246, 4/10/1933 to no.4277, 3/7/1943. Continued as Evening World: no.4278, 5/7/1943 to no. 5102, 2/3/1946. Continued as Bristol Evening World: no.5103, 4/3/1946 to no.8923, 30/6/1958. Continued as Evening World: no.8924, 1/7/1958 to no.no.9993, 27/1/1962. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1929 to 1962 (Bristol Central Library)1929 to 1945.

Sports World: no.1, 5/10/1929 to no.4, 26/10/1929. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1929.

The Bristol Citizen: no.1, 12/1931 to no.2, 1/1932. Continued as The Bristol Co-operative Citizen: no.3, 2/1932 to 9/1953. Continued as Bristol Citizen 10/1953 to 7/1954. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1931 to 1954.

Bristol Evening Herald: no.1, 20/2/1932. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 20/2/1932 only. Bristol Evening Post: no.1, 7/3/1932 to 27/1/1962. Continued as Evening Post: no.9196 to date. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1932 to date (Bristol Central Library) 1932 to date.

The Bristol Paper; no.1, 12/2/1932 to no.49, 21/1/1933. Discontinued. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1932 to 1933.

The Bristol Co-operative Citizen (North Bristol Special): no.75, 2/1938 to no.83, 1938. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1938 incomplete.

The Co-operative Labour Clarion: no.1, 11/1949 to no.4, 2/1950. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1949 to 1950.

Post Green 'un: no.426, 1/1/1955 to no. 659, 20/9/1959. Replaced by a late Saturday edition of the Bristol Evening Post entitled Green 'un Evening Post. (Newspaper Library, Colindale) 1955 to 1959.

News of the West: no.1, 2/7/1959 to no.29, 5/8/1959. Emergency newspaper sponsored by the Bristol Evening Post, Western Daily Press and the Evening World during the national printing strike. Discontinued. (Bristol Central Library) 1959.