Supplied on the CD ROM is an extensive set of resources. They can be found in the folder called 'Resources'. To locate the folder double click on the icon for your CD drive (usually your 'D' drive), after selecting your main drive which is usually named 'My Computer'.

The Resources are divided into folders named after the articles to which they relate. Also included are the complete data sets of the revised New Bristol Historical Bibliography and machine-readable data sets originally published by the Bristol Historical Databases Project.

The resources are made available in one or more of the following file types:

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Quattro Pro

To make use of these resources simply drag and drop your chosen file from the CD to a folder on your hard disk. The files are not usable except for reading from the CD as the files are locked while they are being read from the CD.

For your convenience Microsoft provides viewers for Word and Excel they are available from:

The resources provided with this are available for personal and educational study. Please note that the materials on the CD are copyright protected. Anyone wishing to use the materials should consult the copyright holder before reproducing any of the material provided.