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Organisation and Structure

Since our first conference in June 1994 we have been formally constituted as a group and now have a membership of approximately 80 with a geographical spread from Gloucestershire to Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and South Wales. The steering committee meets 4 or 5 times a year to organise activities. It is co-chaired by June Hannam and Kath Holden from UWE.   Fiona Reid from Glamorgan University is membership secretary. June Hannam is treasurer and Kath Holden maintains the web page.

As a regional group we are affiliated to the National Women's History Network. June Hannam represents our region's interests on the National Network Steering Committee. In September 2000 we hosted the National Network Conference at the University of Bath and hosted the National Network Conference at Cardiff University in September 2012.

Range of Activities

The range of subjects covered at our meetings has been very wide and by no means confined to regional or local history. The group is inter-disciplinary in nature, drawing speakers from modern languages, drama, film and literary studies departments. We have also had a number of speakers from outside academic institutions. We ask our speakers to make their papers accessible to their audience and not to assume prior knowledge of their subject.